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Pelosi hosted dinner for House Dems @ swanky Italian restaurant amid shutdown    01/21/18  (31)
My two best friends today are the same best friends from 8th grade    01/21/18  (27)
Schiff: we can't release The Memo because public wouldn't understand it (link)    01/21/18  (24)
RSF went insane last night on Urbanbaby, what a psycho    01/21/18  (22)
Is it considered sex if you put only the tip in and cum?    01/21/18  (20)
ABC reporting Trump will cuck on immigration    01/21/18  (15)
Teens roam streets with rifles as crime swamps Sweden    01/21/18  (14)
Billionaire Canadian Jew & Wife Murdered By Professional Killers    01/21/18  (13)
How ANGRY does this Oval Office pic make libs?    01/21/18  (12)
Watch the SNL Trump Sketch That Broke the Premise of SNL    01/21/18  (11)
Natalie Portman: I'm Victim "Sexual Terrorism" @ 13 bc Ppl Said "Budding Breasts    01/21/18  (11)
IRL it seems like most Americans are disgusted w Drumpf in WH.    01/21/18  (11)
Superman is a jerk    01/21/18  (11)
Why dont taxpayers do something about cops retirement at 50    01/21/18  (11)
How much would you pay to watch PN and RSF battle to death in the Coliseum?    01/21/18  (11)
What type of Azn is PN?    01/21/18  (11)
damn daddy how did it feel when ur dead dads cock hit ur prostate?    01/21/18  (10)
Libs self immolate as pussy hat marcher reveals uncomfortable truth.    01/21/18  (10)
19yo I slept with last week told me she fucked a 49yo a month ago. JFC    01/21/18  (10)
SRS Q: What type of education are "Tech" companies looking for these days?    01/21/18  (10)
libs are dumb    01/21/18  (8)
Eating a chick's asshole is probably my favorite single sexual act.    01/21/18  (8)
Schumer's Shutdown Reveals: Democrats Will Destroy America Just to Spite Trump    01/21/18  (8)
Marist poll: Dems' lead in 2018 plunging worse than bitcoin last week    01/21/18  (7)
Trump's 24 yo drug policy appointee was let go at law firm after he just didnt    01/21/18  (7)
Trump has the authority to declassify the application for the FISA warrant    01/21/18  (7)
Would you fuck Trump for $130k?    01/21/18  (7)
What type of Azn is "uspo"?    01/21/18  (6)
"But how do we prove Trump sucks?" "Let's shutdown govt over illegal Mexicans!"    01/21/18  (6)
GOP will have slight gains in both houses of Congress    01/21/18  (6)
gonna fuck 3rd girl today, taking Qs    01/21/18  (6)
600,000 Hahols leave Hahlostan in the last 6 months    01/21/18  (6)
MGTOW||Early Retirement|| VTSAX|| MS CS at 50    01/21/18  (5)
Julia, Latinos are 180 but arabs and indians are mean as fuck    01/21/18  (5)
Is a Wharton MBA still a hot degree?    01/21/18  (5)
worth extra $ for made in usa levis?    01/21/18  (5)
REMINDER: Russians paid Trump millions to launder $ and Mueller will publicize    01/21/18  (5)
deep down darkies know they need whites to provide gibsmedats    01/21/18  (5)
*DO NOT CLICK*    01/21/18  (5)
Why is smelly Sri Lankan "uspo" so obsessed w/ fellow turd PN's feuds?    01/21/18  (5)
What to do w/ mattress when moving?    01/21/18  (5)
Im just a chill motor protein, walking along a microtubule.    01/21/18  (5)
I sure hope Zizek comments on this vid of a dude having a seizure online in VR    01/21/18  (5)
VICE looking to become male babe.net    01/21/18  (4)
"wild night last night? haha"    01/21/18  (4)
*literally all sex assaults done by lib celebs* *women march against GOP*    01/21/18  (4)
What degree will help you get into the Blockchain game?    01/21/18  (4)
proles are always talking about "cashing out"    01/21/18  (4)
Daily Stoic, 1/21/18 BONUS POAST    01/21/18  (4)
why do christians fear dearh. i am atheist andni have no fear of it.    01/21/18  (4)