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Fox news watchers lamenting "propaganda TV"    06/19/18  (91)
Trump finally says it: Democrats WANT illegal immigration.    06/19/18  (56)
World Cup attracts the HOTTEST harem in the world    06/19/18  (54)
What's the end game with the libs move on the child separation policy?    06/19/18  (37)
TRUMPIDIOTS: do you care that you are DESTROYING this country?    06/19/18  (36)
I used to be sympathetic to illegal immigrants    06/19/18  (31)
Is there any chance the child separation shit negatively impacts Trump?    06/19/18  (29)
good, reasonably objective backgrounder on children/border thing?    06/19/18  (26)
So Stock market is basically flat in 2018 because Trump is a retard?    06/19/18  (24)
Reasons not to killself    06/19/18  (20)
How to deal with nosehair?    06/19/18  (20)
Italy completely has the EU by the balls and it's hilarious    06/19/18  (19)
POLAND vs SENEGAL official thread~~~    06/19/18  (18)
My 10yo dottr is super tall for her age but slender    06/19/18  (17)
Lib here: not pro open borders, just dont think we should be deporting anyone    06/19/18  (16)
Facebook drama over the immigrant kids is 180    06/19/18  (12)
another day of u late 30s blue dress shirt faggots complaining about "libs"?    06/19/18  (12)
While Trump tears apart immigrant families, he sneaks in a $200 billion tariff    06/19/18  (10)
Inglorious Bastards opening is criminally overrated    06/19/18  (10)
Why is the territory of Russia so vast?    06/19/18  (9)
reminder: ameriKKKan Instagram models fuck dogs in dubai    06/19/18  (9)
Should Statutes of Limitations for Rape Be Abolished? Across the country, (nyt)    06/19/18  (9)
Lib HQ: "Here's what we're going to be upset about today." Libs: "Understood."    06/19/18  (9)
Hillary Clinton BREAKS SILENCE on Child Illegal Immigrant issue on CNN    06/19/18  (9)
lol @ constant lib drumbeat: "this issue is a political loser & will hurt trump"    06/19/18  (9)
TRUMP IS THE GREAT UNITER-IN-CHIEF: Every 1st Lady oppose border policy    06/19/18  (7)
At dinner with other G7 leaders, Trump defended Russia, bashed Ukraine    06/19/18  (7)
Heather Locklear Beats Up Her Parents, Tries To Killself    06/19/18  (7)
We must always arrest people coming into our Country illegally. Of the 12,000    06/19/18  (7)
any of u bros carry mace? is gel or mist better    06/19/18  (7)
LFO's "Summer Girls" was a hilariously bad song    06/19/18  (7)
Today is gonna be the day that Trunp rips your kid from you    06/19/18  (7)
looked at a bee under a microscope this morning and it had a serial number    06/19/18  (6)
What is this thing hidden next to the load-bearing backslash? (pic)    06/19/18  (6)
Fuck yeah nembutal on its way!    06/19/18  (6)
an AMERIKKKA is DET, juicejuicejuicecece    06/19/18  (6)
libs want children jailed with their criminal parents?    06/19/18  (6)
red dress shirt with black tie, or cobalt dress shirt with silver tie    06/19/18  (6)
girl lies about being raped. fined 200 pounds for ruining guy's life    06/19/18  (6)
gonna admit it its not easy hearing a 6 yo boy cry for daddy over and over, say    06/19/18  (6)
My GF just asked me what Behold A Pale Horse is about    06/19/18  (6)
I, for one, am glad that Tommy has returned    06/19/18  (5)
Couple's FB fundraiser for migrants is getting $4K/minute (((GUESS RELIGION)))    06/19/18  (5)
paying exorbitant sums of money to replace your ethnicity with ugly brown ppl    06/19/18  (5)
how proud are bort libs to know terms like "quisling" and "kompromat"?    06/19/18  (5)
Chi cop known as "nig whisperer" mediates gang disputes between various factions    06/19/18  (5)
So many websites want you to use their faggot app instead now.    06/19/18  (5)
remember the outrage over "shithole countries"? anyone?    06/19/18  (5)
At what point did television become a tool for mass brainwashing?    06/19/18  (5)