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/!\ Paul Ryan will not seek reelection /!\    12/14/17  (93)
CNN: End of the Internet As We Know It (link)    12/14/17  (70)
what exactly did Obama do that was so "anti-white"?    12/14/17  (64)
just got thru gunning down RSF. any other haters ready to step to    12/14/17  (53)
Should I pay student debt or buy stocks?    12/14/17  (51)
Eminem's new album is so bad it made me lol when it came on the radio (link)    12/14/17  (50)
Most Prestigious Dual Citizenship    12/14/17  (43)
ive received dick pics from 2/3+ of doodz on xoxo    12/14/17  (32)
Done with this flame, going to start new one on old account. Suggestions?    12/14/17  (31)
leave some cash in your gdax acct: eth to $550    12/14/17  (29)
Trumpmos who dont support Bannon are dead wrong    12/14/17  (28)
German economists think the US Tax Bill will be a huge boon to US    12/14/17  (28)
holy fucking shit I made 1 innocuous RSF thread -> garbaged INSTANTLY    12/14/17  (27)
who cares if the US economy is booming if jobs are going to be automated anyway    12/14/17  (25)
jmaw has a 9 inch BTC    12/14/17  (25)
what the fuck is net neutrality and why should I care? genuinely curious    12/14/17  (24)
How insane if its Omarosa, not Mueller/Russia, who finally brings down Trump?    12/14/17  (23)
Why does RSF never step to boner_police or charlesxii    12/14/17  (22)
Is RSF completely retarded? Does he not realize how bad this makes him look    12/14/17  (20)
Lawman8 should do a podcast and make 20K a month on Patreon from it.    12/14/17  (20)
XO made me realize I'm not actually racist    12/14/17  (20)
Can someone on xo concisely redpill me on net neutrality? TYIA    12/14/17  (19)
I hope I die of a heart attack doing what I love, arguing on a messageboard    12/14/17  (17)
Chinese women are so direct about finding a husband    12/14/17  (16)
Wall Street Oasis RIPS on San Francisco    12/14/17  (16)
Most overrated U.S. cities    12/14/17  (14)
Tax plan will make US companies move tons of $$ to US?And GC/foreigners hate it?    12/14/17  (14)
If we didn't get gun control after Sandy Hook it will pretty much never happen    12/14/17  (14)
What's the safest SUV < $60,000?    12/14/17  (14)
won't Google Fiber just make this whole net neutrality debate go away?    12/14/17  (13)
I like RSF and JMAW. What do I do?    12/14/17  (13)
Teva cancelled 2017 bonuses    12/14/17  (12)
"I'm telling you, it's gaining sentience; it just mocked my opening in the brief    12/14/17  (12)
firm just gave me year-end bonus that is 2.5x what I was expecting. I felt nothi    12/14/17  (11)
NYT: turns out everything Trump said about Sweden was right.    12/14/17  (11)
Would you rather date a subjective 10 but objective 7, or reverse?    12/14/17  (11)
POOR MILLENIALS!!    12/14/17  (11)
Women rate the weakest men as the most attractive, study finds (WaPost)    12/14/17  (11)
think of how many people with minor drug habits have now spent >$1m on drugs    12/14/17  (10)
Rate this 17yo teenager in her underwear NSFW    12/14/17  (10)
scott frost wins Eddie Robinson coach of the year award. fact    12/14/17  (10)
Taylor Swift praises Donald Trump    12/14/17  (10)
Just got a nuru massage from a fake titted Japanese milf. Was 180 AF.    12/14/17  (10)
Trump voters found to be DIVERSE    12/14/17  (10)
starting to think a low-level business (gas station, etc) > wagecucking    12/14/17  (10)
What % of XO if flame and Just for fun?    12/14/17  (10)
Rate my outfit for my sales job TEDCRUZTP    12/14/17  (9)
Under-appreciated aspect of rootless cosmo life - don't have to drive or own car    12/14/17  (9)
Search RSF on google images and you wont see him with any attractive females    12/14/17  (9)