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Twitter libs are MELTING THE FUCK DOWN LOL 180 MAGA    07/15/18  (304)
Wimbledon 7/13 Spoilers #tennis    07/13/18  (256)
as a teen we had a 45yo maid that I started groping and borderline raping    07/09/18  (211)
China is going to absolutely crush the United States    07/12/18  (209)
Serious ?: do race realist bros accept that blacks > athletics, music, high-T    07/13/18  (207)
CBS: Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett are the leading SCOTUS candidates    07/08/18  (199)
Deranged NYT piece demanding "integration" of top high schools    06/26/18  (195)
Guy asks black woman for ID at a pool -- ruins his life    07/08/18  (183)
Establishment Dems should be shitting themselves. Party is falling apart.    07/03/18  (182)
5 year old without concept of death's finality writes his own obituary    07/15/18  (181)
***RSF SUMMER VACATION MEGATHREAD***    07/09/18  (179)
Would you encourage your kids to strive    06/29/18  (171)
Woman asks black man to remove his socks in pool -- ruins her life    07/10/18  (164)
More painful: losing wife at 55 or kid at 5?    07/16/18  (163)
ROFL Benzo Is Still Incarcerated    07/14/18  (162)
Rate my kid's first birthday set up (CSLG)    07/16/18  (160)
I post pics of 14-17 y/o girls. You rate which is the hottest. FUCK LIBS.    07/17/18  (158)
Fun Golf Hypo: PICK Spiettth's 3 Majors or Rory's 4 Majors    06/22/18  (155)
Planned Parenthood commercial: protect your right to fuck anyone anytime! (Liter    07/17/18  (154)
Is going to Catholic school good or bad for children?    07/13/18  (154)
What Are Some ICE CREAM Prole Tells?    07/15/18  (152)
kikes: "high verbal IQ" but scotch-irish rednecks are 40-50x better writers?    07/05/18  (146)
TIME cover was a fake news lie    06/23/18  (146)
How many xoxo'ers make >$500k a year?    07/11/18  (145)
10 cold beers just sitting by door to my hotel room; snatched em up, how fucked?    06/29/18  (144)
~{#BarExam}~ Official Bar Exam Discussion and MBE Question Thread ~{#BarExam}~    07/16/18  (143)
you get a chance to kill one poaster and get away clean. who do you kill?    07/16/18  (142)
DC area restaurant owner kicks out Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family    06/25/18  (137)
Housemos: WHY IS EVERYTHING SO EXPENSIVE    06/22/18  (137)
Rate this twitch moderator who is furious when chick turns out to have husband    06/30/18  (135)
Jews: civilized, assimilated, get holocausted. Muslims: violent, crazy, celebrat    06/19/18  (135)
XOXO trumpmos lose all credibility with putin summit response    07/17/18  (134)
Melania wears 'I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?' jacket to immigration hold facility.    06/22/18  (134)
18 divers in the water. Operation to rescue 12 Thai boys + teacher has begun.    07/12/18  (132)
tommy: state your official position on INDIAN NATIONALISM    07/04/18  (132)
I don't get it. How are the suburbs not soul-crushingly boring?    06/21/18  (132)
What are the downsides with owning a German Shepherd    07/17/18  (131)
Trump finally says it: Democrats WANT illegal immigration.    06/21/18  (130)
Earl, nutella other lolyers making 400k+. Do you feel like you are crushing it?    07/17/18  (128)
I am very offended by immigrants cheering for native countries in world cup.    06/25/18  (126)
Stanford GSB shrew who dumped her CHAD fiancee    07/11/18  (125)
How bad will the KRAUTS stomp NOWAG Korea tomorrow?    07/03/18  (125)
Scary story abt NJ hospital waving Russian agents into US like 3rd base coach    07/17/18  (124)
should the U.S. recognize Russia's annexation of Crimea?    07/09/18  (124)
Insane that it's "normal" to lift heavy weights & get chronic injuries (DTP)    06/21/18  (124)
Soccer is boring AF. There, I said it.    06/21/18  (124)
Netflix Fires PR Chief After Use of N-Word in Meeting    07/12/18  (123)
Mueller handing parts of cases to US Attys Offices, DOJ = not good for Trump    07/17/18  (121)
lol at lawman8's transition from race realism to Joel Osteen    07/15/18  (121)
Examples of corporate slavery ITT    07/13/18  (121)
Deadlifting heavy weight as an office worker in modern society is absurd (DTP)    07/09/18  (121)
Why is Texas so bad at football?    07/14/18  (119)
xo Uncle Ted wrote back!    07/14/18  (119)
Can I divorce wife and still raise our kid / not fuck them up emotionally?    07/02/18  (119)
Still trembling w rage and frustration re my father    07/11/18  (118)
itt we brainstorm ideas to save Thailand cave kids    07/07/18  (117)
If you want to change careers at age 30 to make 200k+    06/25/18  (117)
Wapo: "Pack the courts with libs" (lib fringe" movement from 2 weeks ago) (link)    07/17/18  (116)
Just watched Tucker. Standing O for Charles, that was 190    07/17/18  (114)
paying $1 million for the privilege of living in NEW JERSEY    07/13/18  (113)
instagrams from hot jewish girls with BIG TITS (MUST HAVE BIG TITS)    07/15/18  (112)
Why does anyone BACK INTO PARKING spots?    06/27/18  (112)
This Papa Johns shit is insane    07/17/18  (109)
Big Ten cfb program power ranking itt    07/11/18  (109)
rate this picture of geoffrey the giraffe leaving toys r us for the last time    06/29/18  (109)
13-year-old girl beheaded after seeing grandmother killed in Alabama cemetery    07/15/18  (108)
Do we need immigrants? Y/N    07/14/18  (108)
Disney wants to fire Kathleen Kennedy for ruining Star Wars (link)    07/01/18  (108)
Remember when everyones health insurance premiums went up 400% bc of Obama?    07/12/18  (107)
Any reason the Dems shouldn't pack the court once they're back in power?    07/10/18  (107)
Trying to get wife pregnant. HELP ME (with advice, not cum).    06/19/18  (107)
my cleaning lady asked me to borrow $400    07/16/18  (106)
!!! OFFICIAL XO Germany - TLS Sweden world cup thread (v2.0) !!!    06/27/18  (106)
Fox news watchers lamenting "propaganda TV"    06/21/18  (106)
Don't care about the boarder kids thing too much but how was this a good idea?    07/01/18  (104)
Should men always wear wristwatches?    06/24/18  (104)
Lying cunt Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grew up rich.    07/14/18  (103)
The modern liberal worldview is tough to counter    06/20/18  (103)
Married bros: What is your biggest regret sexually?    07/09/18  (102)
Thai Navy diver DIES trying to dive to Thai kids cave    07/06/18  (102)
The Chinese have ruined international travel    07/03/18  (102)
Is abortion murder yes or no    06/29/18  (102)
DC votes to raise Tipped Workers wage to $15    06/21/18  (102)
Stormy Daniels arrested for giving BJ to client at a Strip Club    07/13/18  (101)
What Did You Eat for Breakfast? (:D get in here and rate us)    06/30/18  (101)
The only cr in 2018 is to keep people in the dark re your political beliefs    07/15/18  (100)
Worst SCOTUS justice of all time?    07/11/18  (100)
Wimbledon 7/3 - Spoilers #tennis    07/03/18  (100)
Rosenstein will hold a press conference at 11:30    07/13/18  (99)
Who should be Trump's nominee?    06/28/18  (99)
REMINDER: There are an estimated 8-10K MS13 members in the US, total.    07/06/18  (99)
BREAKING: another racism scandal at HARVARD    07/17/18  (98)
Wimbledon 7/11 Spoilers    07/11/18  (98)
180: Wagecucks fighting back by "ghosting" employers    07/07/18  (97)
Xos Bourdain death prediction threads stuns 4chan. Now they want to poast (link    06/19/18  (97)
Should college kids major in anything but CS/EE?    07/03/18  (96)
Libs admit Justice Thomas is not dumb and they fear what he's wrought (link)    07/04/18  (96)
Why do people ignore the mountain of evidence RE: Fake Moon Landing    07/16/18  (96)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discusses Israel/Palestine.    07/17/18  (95)
Sarah Palin on getting tricked by Sacha Baron Cohen: HOW DARE YOU    07/12/18  (95)
TRUMP: "The US acted stupidly"    07/16/18  (94)
PDDJ smearing curry on DBG pre-coitus.    07/15/18  (94)
Confrontation at the airport over my MAGA hat    07/03/18  (94)
Was South Africa better off under Apartheid?    07/09/18  (94)
First dem senator calls for abolishing ICE    06/30/18  (94)
Rate this description of In house OPEN OFFICE life in the Silicon valley    07/01/18  (94)
Democrats are going to make Puerto Rico a US State by 2021    07/12/18  (92)
Pleading out client to deal where he cannot use internet until 2043    07/11/18  (92)
What are issues you've actually changed your mind on?    07/08/18  (92)
Trump's is going to be very tough to beat in 2020    07/02/18  (92)
what are some prestigious medium/smaller cities    07/16/18  (91)
Students in Detroit Are Suing the State Because They Werent Taught to Read    07/09/18  (91)
white supremacist engineering grad student at UCLA allegedly outed    07/12/18  (91)
xo, plz react to this tweet from Ocasio-Cortez    07/06/18  (91)
should I break-up with GF for guessing that Belgium's population is 20K?    07/11/18  (90)
The korematsu opinion DID NOTHING WRONG    06/30/18  (90)
Russians made 86 all-cash sales - totaling $109 million - at 10 Trump properties    06/28/18  (90)
Still cant get over how stupid DTP's opinion on deadlifting is    07/16/18  (89)
You get to relive one year of your life, GO    07/02/18  (89)
What was the worst mistake of your life?    06/27/18  (89)
Do modern kikes have any relation to biblical Jews?    06/25/18  (89)
White men aging vs. White women aging (pic)    06/22/18  (89)
So letting Stephen Miller dictate policy was a bad idea? Go figure.    06/19/18  (89)
ITT: The complete Q&A libs are latching onto for Russian fauxrage    07/17/18  (88)
I hereby ANNOUNCE my RESIGNATION from XO, effective July 9, 2018 at noon (GMT+8)    07/14/18  (88)
IT BEGINS: Prominent lib calls for OPEN BORDERS in the New Yorker:    06/24/18  (88)
You can name anyone in the country POTUS, who do you pick?    07/17/18  (87)
LOOL Joseph Crowley still on the ballot, Ocasio-Cortez MAF    07/12/18  (87)
americans FREAK OUT without air conditioning -- why?    07/06/18  (87)
What do Non-Joo BIRDSHITS in AMERIKKKA even contribute anymore?    06/22/18  (87)
How long would you last if you were dropped off in the 1300's?    06/19/18  (87)
Not a Trumpmo, been supportive/open minded, yesterday he fucked up    07/17/18  (86)
Netflix reports shitty subscriber growth, down 14% AH    07/17/18  (86)
Just got dumped by appchick after 2 mos of nonstop sex bc no "longterm future"    07/05/18  (86)
Liberal insanity is reaching historic proportions. What causes this behavior ?    06/24/18  (86)
Peter Strzok getting grilled live right now (link)    07/12/18  (85)
Vanguard: YOU'RE FUCKED, MILLENNIALS. Next 10 years returns to be 3% to 5%    07/14/18  (85)
What are the top 3 govt conspiracies that are like 100% true    07/09/18  (85)
Joel Osteen seems to be hated by are bort kikes, gonna look more into him    07/14/18  (84)
Is Canada a better place socially and culturally than the US?    07/02/18  (84)
ITT we talk about weird shit that we have personally witnessed.    06/28/18  (84)
So collusion now rests on Trump admin coordinating with Wikileaks to leak docs    07/17/18  (83)
So eating healthy won't help you lose weight. Nice.    07/10/18  (83)