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Earl, nutella other lolyers making 400k+. Do you feel like you are crushing it?    07/18/18  (155)
Politico: It is time to go to Nuclear War with Russia    07/18/18  (130)
Honestly, it should be illegal to be a billionaire. 100% taxation after $1B.    07/18/18  (100)
Is this Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in her PRIME? 2010 BU vid    07/18/18  (100)
XO is a complete embarrassment now.    07/18/18  (85)
Why is Russia our enemy?    07/18/18  (78)
You are a huge faggot if you "go in house" from big law    07/18/18  (68)
Pick two: skinny, big tits, sane    07/18/18  (64)
200K in checks today - Thanks Farmers! (CSLG)    07/18/18  (63)
I've concluded that women are generally low value.    07/18/18  (55)
Physicists sort of zeroing in on fact universe springs from a "consciousness"    07/18/18  (53)
lol Trump: "I meant to say 'I dont see why it 'WOULDNT' be Russia.'"    07/17/18  (53)
At a DUI arraignment for 6.5 hours today. 12 voicemails and 37 text messages    07/17/18  (52)
The JQ is in no small part about accepting Christianity as deeply Jewish    07/18/18  (51)
Reminder: "Upset Jew" is the typical Israel-first Neo-Con kike    07/18/18  (49)
Sucks that libs will make history textbooks say Trump won due to Russia hacking    07/17/18  (44)
If No clients lined up how much living expenses to save before going solo    07/17/18  (44)
What exactly did Trump do wrong?    07/17/18  (44)
"DEFEND ARE BORDERS" unless its Russia invading our electoral process    07/17/18  (42)
Body positive landwhale victimized by catcalling minorities    07/18/18  (41)
Russia is not our enemy. Libs are our enemy.    07/18/18  (41)
GAY NYTimes Wedding Announcement - Rate Prestige of Couple    07/18/18  (40)
"Oh no! The Ruskies have Nukes! We'd better let them fuck us up the ass!"    07/17/18  (40)
Rand Paul prison rapes (((((((wolf blitzer)))))))    07/18/18  (39)
Can you send around your notes after this call? Thanks.    07/18/18  (38)
Check out this gym's website with pics at different percent body fat levels    07/18/18  (36)
Comey: just vote Democrat this fall (link)    07/18/18  (35)
Wht did Putin agree to this interview w/ Chris Wallace?    07/18/18  (34)
Do you remember how much better life was in college? (DTP)    07/18/18  (30)
Trumpmos: Did Russia meddle, or is Trump full of shit?    07/17/18  (30)
Why is there a stereotype that New Yorkers are "tough"    07/18/18  (29)
How do choose NYC firms    07/17/18  (29)
Reminder: Papa John destroyed 50%(!) of his firms market value over LTM    07/17/18  (29)
I believe the following poasters are members of the secret snapchat group:    07/18/18  (28)
luxury, full-service apartments with LOTS of amenities are CR    07/18/18  (27)
Given a year to prepare and learn how to cook, could you Beat Bobby Flay?    07/18/18  (27)
Mental illness caused by a "chemical imbalance"    07/18/18  (26)
just got a standup heavy punching bag for my home. Pretty excited    07/17/18  (26)
What is the best tourist destination in Europe? Paris? Rome? Wife & I make 400k.    07/18/18  (25)
Jfc we've had a 15 year old girl at our house for 3 days and I want to kill self    07/18/18  (25)
"No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant"    07/17/18  (25)
The scariest thing re: Russia is I can't tell if "smart" libs know its a sham    07/17/18  (25)
Just got out of jail for public intoxication    07/18/18  (24)
Is $350k HHI enough to afford an X5 M?    07/18/18  (23)
Only white guys like Ocasio-Cortez    07/17/18  (23)
When The Side N*gga Catch Feelings    07/18/18  (23)
ITT: Name your hero.    07/18/18  (22)
How to get a cyclists body?    07/17/18  (21)
Ocasio-Cortez backs off support for 2-state solution after only 3 days. LJL    07/17/18  (21)
sharpening my knives & making some 180 pastrami tonight    07/17/18  (20)