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SJM down 2% in FREEFALL on back of lawman8 investigation    11/17/17  (1)
almonds tp here, taking questions    11/17/17  (11)
MPA here with an audio recording of the recent JM Smuckers earnings call    11/17/17  (11)
US scientists try 1st gene editing in the body (article)    11/17/17  (1)
The evolution of a lib: Ben Affleck in two pics    11/17/17  (4)
summon: pistachio tp    11/17/17  (2)
Real Talk: Guy who started Smuckers meme had leaked earnings, daddy SEC coming    11/17/17  (11)
Hitler spoke truth about globalist cliques and rootless elites    11/17/17  (3)
Oh look, another (((company))) founded by rich New Yorkers ("Hubble")    11/17/17  (35)
Should I just create some dumb shit and cash out and live large    11/17/17  (1)
Roy Moore erecting Ten Commandments statue in corner of Franken's old office    11/17/17  (1)
"Just trust (((calishitlawguru))) with your career!"said the dumbfuck goyim    11/17/17  (2)
bitcoin about to break $8,000    11/17/17  (1)
Things are out of control right now (tswift tp)    11/17/17  (4)
where can i check whether i'm a lawman8 hater or just an alt of a hater    11/17/17  (6)
*rubs smuckers all over my body in hopes that mpa will notice me*    11/17/17  (2)
*shamelessly throws my panties at mpa*    11/17/17  (64)
i dont really care if you cryyyyy    11/17/17  (8)
Look "Chris Hansen",    11/17/17  (6)
peanuts tp is the ex-bass player from 311, "P-Nut"    11/17/17  (8)
so white marriage is just prancing around taking pictures of food and renting bi    11/17/17  (29)
GG Alt'in    11/17/17  (4)
I'm an MPA alt that became self aware please make it stop    11/17/17  (4)
"Yah Becky he's a litigator, it's so dreamy how he doesnt NEED any exit options"    11/17/17  (1)
*big dicked bro changing his cell phone number so JCM thinks he's dead*    11/17/17  (45)
JCM gets jungle fever, changes moniker to Julius Erving's Mistress    11/17/17  (3)
Your other shit about peanuts and "men" makes no sense.    11/17/17  (25)
*JCM somberly laying flower wreath at Darryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins' grave*    11/17/17  (2)
Marriage: where some of the smartest bros alive make the dumbest decisions.    11/17/17  (11)
peanuts tp is ceo of the Jif division at Smuckers    11/17/17  (7)
It goes back, Jack, peanuts and "men"    11/17/17  (4)
I'm seriously LOLing about rangus's NOWAG clitdick life and future stint in jail    11/17/17  (27)
peanuts and "men"    11/17/17  (12)
Jerry Jones to Roger Goodell: Bob Craft is a Pussy Compared to Me    11/17/17  (1)
little ditty, bout peanuts and "men", two gg alts tryna bring down lawman    11/17/17  (6)
lawman8 twerking nude to "Shake It Off" singing "haters gonna hate hate hate hat    11/17/17  (32)
Haven't eaten in 4 days.. if I go eat something what should I eat(Boom)    11/17/17  (18)
Hitler giving speech about globalist financier "cool kids"    11/17/17  (1)
lawman8 taking a baseball bat to the Aldi jelly selection    11/17/17  (2)
When is too soon to take days off in biglaw?    11/17/17  (52)
Lawman8 could have gone a month without being pwned if weren't for the jelly    11/17/17  (3)
can we enter a COMPACT to entirely IGNORE nyuug?    11/17/17  (190)
Analyst reports that Smuckers earnings will "immediately reach their climate"    11/17/17  (1)
WGWAG Sex God here. Taking questions on WGWAG. Sex.    11/17/17  (4)
Co-Counseling a Case with Nick Rowley (CSLG)    11/17/17  (7)
When life gives you AIDS, make lawman8s    11/17/17  (11)
Twins how to use ability to enter ppls minds and tinker for good not evil?    11/17/17  (1)
"Weird" Al Gank-A-Bitch    11/17/17  (1)
FBI PowerPoint on domestic extremism includes 2 slides on "xo cool kids"    11/17/17  (2)
Spent last 36 hours SMUCKING and SMUCKING    11/17/17  (2)
Best part of current lib purge: Trump skated through Pussygate    11/17/17  (2)
A temporary ban on lawman8 haters until we figure out what's going on    11/17/17  (5)
State Department releasing list of designated Group 2 Haters    11/17/17  (2)
PSA: Play Overwatch for FREE this weekend.    11/17/17  (7)
my sex junk is so oh-oh-oh    11/17/17  (24)
ROLLER COASTER. OF COCK. (to tune of Love Roller Coaster)    11/17/17  (6)
summon: diminutive bowlcut asian Herman Zhu AKA "colt"    11/17/17  (3)
braces-havers: how long did you wear your retainer after braces off?    11/17/17  (9)
wait, the Tappan Zee Bridge will now be the Cuomo Bridge?    11/17/17  (17)
Podesta email: No "ponies" at the pizza shop today, but a "colt" if you're inter    11/17/17  (4)
Reminder: only sub 7 chicks are riding the cock carousel    11/17/17  (2)
Anyone else imagine JCM to look like Sarah Huckabee Sanders?    11/17/17  (17)
"GROUP 2, YOU'RE THROUGH" -*sprays machine gun into times square crowd"    11/17/17  (10)
XO: poasters so rarely have sex, every time getting laid is worth a new thread    11/17/17  (7)
Summon: xo enlarged prostate clique.    11/17/17  (9)
Moore's polling after accusations: Loses 26 points with women, gains 7 with men    11/17/17  (1)
Serious q: what will Peterman do when trucker jobs get automated?    11/17/17  (1)
Lol at the Franken/Podesta email about gorgonzola    11/17/17  (1)
bloodacre sending u emails thinking ur chilmata    11/17/17  (5)
"Mo money fo dem pogroms" (pepito tp)    11/17/17  (2)
Is it true that pensive had several assassination attempts?    11/17/17  (1)
waiters and waitresses are done here    11/17/17  (1)
Somehow infected my work computer with a virus. Brought down the system    11/17/17  (1)
"colt" completely done here, hasnt poasted since his evisceration last night    11/17/17  (17)
One thing I've learned this morning - lawman's haters have even more alts than I    11/17/17  (1)
Here is my definitive list of deranged Lawman8 hater alts.    11/17/17  (4)
colt did you fuck a babby into your wife last night?    11/17/17  (25)
The hypocrisy of libs is fucking insane    11/17/17  (8)
How would you feel if you found out your child was stealing from a neighbor?    11/17/17  (7)
I can't wait to read PENSIVE's novel.    11/17/17  (15)
Email from Podesta: see you at the Peanut Party. Did you invite the Cool Kids?    11/17/17  (3)
You got it, "colt", said Junior Energy Trader to Lou Pai as he rigged the mkts    11/17/17  (6)
Protip: always have at least one computer that can run Windows 8.1    11/17/17  (2)
You're no stallion yet, but you're a good "colt" said the stripper to Lou Pai    11/17/17  (6)
i stand (and always will) with lawman8    11/17/17  (15)
Of Rice And "Men"    11/17/17  (5)
penis in "men"    11/17/17  (1)
Nathan for You Season 4 Finale    11/17/17  (3)
WMTP lip synching cardi b's "red bars"    11/17/17  (1)
post ITT if you're one of the secret XO "cool kids"    11/17/17  (18)
Rating poaters as a 180 thing about dogs    11/17/17  (1)
*cuts "colts" head off* *2 alts grow back, both with bowl cuts*    11/17/17  (7)
Love jerking off to pics of brides/bridesmaids in pajamas on bed "getting ready    11/17/17  (6)
Lol trump is president. Hahaha lmfao    11/17/17  (6)
that feeling of despair when you see a STRONGFAT on the squat rack    11/17/17  (10)
"All right, "Cleveland", are you ready to rock?"    11/17/17  (1)
lawman8s rankings are a FRAUD!    11/17/17  (2)
have rowan and sjm returned?    11/17/17  (3)
lol colt slipped out of the LMH5    11/17/17  (1)
Darnell sticks in the 9th inch. *changes moniker to lawman9 *    11/17/17  (2)
Native American transsexual squawman8    11/17/17  (1)
Russian fighter jets now running missions over continental united states    11/17/17  (2)
all the king's "colts" and all the king's "men" couldn't put humpty together aga    11/17/17  (1)
"Listen up, "brunchmen," you think you're so cool"    11/17/17  (6)
Lifehack for Macs: Add foreign kb so you can proudly display USA flag in top bar    11/17/17  (5)
"all the pieces matter" muttered Lawman8 as he soldered 2 8 inch dildos together    11/17/17  (1)
Jeff Skilling to Lou Pai: I'm the "stallion" of this operation, "colt"    11/17/17  (1)
Biz idea: Brothel that offers CLE credit    11/17/17  (1)
You're not a programmer if you don't understand recursion, iteration, normal-ord    11/17/17  (1)
[mundane] - natural working schedule    11/17/17  (1)
"We must believe victims," said the lib male just before his own accusation    11/17/17  (1)
walnuts and "lads"    11/17/17  (2)
legumes and "fellows"    11/17/17  (2)
getting the dog a picture with Santa: how CR?    11/17/17  (1)
Colt is it true your nickname around the office is " Lo Pan"    11/17/17  (3)
cashews and "boys"    11/17/17  (3)
"I have in my hand a list of known Group 2 Haters and Cool Kids"    11/17/17  (3)
Black conservahero at Williams pens a WSJ slam of shitlib classmates    11/17/17  (15)
SMUCKERS SHARE HOLOCAUST DOWN 0.13%    11/17/17  (1)
heard a radio ad for "incorporate.com" today. ljl @ lawmos    11/17/17  (1)
I told a shrew that girls who are 18/19 are GROWN women under the law    11/17/17  (2)
Night crew weirdos forcememing stupid shit    11/17/17  (145)
"colt?" yeah, I know the name. *beady eyes narrow*    11/17/17  (1)
"Are you a Group 2 Hater?" *beady eyes narrow*    11/17/17  (1)
Auditorium gasps as lawman8s face is projected onto screen    11/17/17  (1)
Damn, "Daddy"    11/17/17  (1)
jfc, I think I'm representing someone who is genuinely insane    11/17/17  (2)
ITT I post the FB posts of Azn megashrew I've met    11/17/17  (491)
Client got a demand letter from a Cooley grad    11/17/17  (41)
"I think you meant "prelapsarian" paradise, George20" "I meant what I said.    11/17/17  (2)
Look, "colt" lawman8 began from inside his high school locker    11/17/17  (4)
SJM up again    11/17/17  (1)
Anyone tried out for Jeopardy before?    11/17/17  (31)
Julia developing an appreciation for classified music    11/17/17  (8)
"Okay, 'Yann,' you either put on the shorts or you leave the gym."    11/17/17  (1)
yosemite smucker's fuming faggot    11/17/17  (1)
Lawman8 and Gore Vidal on Firing Line    11/17/17  (3)
3:30am, a Seattle grocery PA system. "As a young man in Vienna, I first encounte    11/17/17  (7)
Xo Oldie but Goodie: pics of faeces and human corpses in the Ganges River    11/17/17  (3)
How do you bitch about "globalism" and also support repeal of the estate tax?    11/17/17  (10)
"Listen, "Your Holiness,""    11/17/17  (1)
"Who put goob in the smuck now?" Ohio sheriff on phone 2 lawman8    11/17/17  (4)
xoxo Indians - would a 7 day cruise down the Ganges be credited at all?    11/17/17  (3)
Lawman8 is Chomsky-like in the way he refers to older events    11/17/17  (1)
Cisco offering 5K per household to store servers    11/17/17  (1)
Just a Lawman8, fumin over marmalaaade    11/17/17  (1)
"Look, these so-called "Rule 11 Sanctions" are yet another example    11/17/17  (1)
Half the threads on this page are completely inscrutable to me (evan39)    11/17/17  (1)

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