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STICKY: New account requests   05/19/18  (208)
Former FBI Dir. Comey shot in the head and chest twice in apparent suicide (CNN)    05/22/18  (3)
By 2021 season, top NBA players will be making $1m a week    05/22/18  (2)
American banks are garbage    05/22/18  (1)
CSLG is a prince of a guy    05/22/18  (10)
Remember when FBI/CIA leaked the Russian server talking to Trump tower server?    05/22/18  (2)
How movie theater seats have evolved is an indictment of our society.    05/22/18  (112)
Spent last few weeks in suburbs. Shocking how much happier they are ...    05/22/18  (33)
Feeling very fortunate to be healthy and alive today    05/22/18  (4)
*sportscuck leans forward for his fav footballer to sign his IPA tits w/Sharpie*    05/22/18  (23)
the spanish royal family is incredibly good looking    05/22/18  (2)
Hypo: you die. what's the first thing you ask god to show you?    05/22/18  (36)
/*\ NEW TRUMP TWEETS /*\    05/22/18  (43)
Parents - thoughts on college future for your kids?    05/22/18  (80)
Would you date a person that has beaten cancer previously?    05/22/18  (19)
HOUSTON ROCKETS    05/22/18  (2)
"I've been torn up much worse by a bear." (Tsinah watching the revenant)    05/22/18  (52)
disturbing swipe app trend: girls sticking out their tongues in pics    05/22/18  (1)
when you libel Clapper, you libel America!, screamed the shitlib.    05/22/18  (6)
Comey has been silent on Twitter. Odd case    05/22/18  (1)
the simulation is on crack: dancing bear porn star shoots up Trump golf course    05/22/18  (4)
cat is up to 300 pounds    05/22/18  (1)
Baseball statmos, explain "leverage" to me please.    05/22/18  (14)
James Clapper about to get his cheeks clapped    05/22/18  (5)
Lets juat party and enjoy life! Fuck boomer chicks to death collect $$&    05/22/18  (2)
BangBros hired a high school kid to bang MILFs    05/22/18  (49)
When did "sports cars" become prole?    05/22/18  (30)
What defines a middle manager    05/22/18  (8)
Would be funny if CSLG's big payout was getting hit by car becoming quadriplegic    05/22/18  (2)
rockets about to win - crazy    05/22/18  (1)
gonna eat 1500 calories a day or get a flu vaccine to get back down to 120 lbs    05/22/18  (1)
Philip Roth is det to death    05/22/18  (1)
CNN: Millennials born in 1980s will NEVER maek it (link)    05/22/18  (28)
The funny thing about the Mueller investigation    05/22/18  (14)
Wilbur Mercer taking Qs on my drug experiences    05/22/18  (7)
webco shotguns your inbox. DID YOU KNOW WE CHANGED OUR TOS    05/22/18  (1)
So Midsomer Murders season 14 goes alt right?    05/22/18  (3)
'you dirty fucking sod'    05/22/18  (1)
the baa baa black sheep song is prole    05/22/18  (7)
"For the last time, James Joyce Jr., there's no such thing as a 'Duchess Oven'"    05/22/18  (1)
Oh fuck! DNI Clapper says the golden shower memo is LEGIT!!!    05/22/18  (17)
CLSG, how many SUMMER ASSOCIATES will you have?    05/22/18  (3)
Why won't (((they))) call MI and AZ for Trump?    05/22/18  (4)
Bump this thread when MSNBC calls Michigan for Trump    05/22/18  (23)
every xo poaster: "My Mom had me in her late 30s, and I turned out fine!"    05/22/18  (12)
Chilmata, were you flaming about the pill cocktail?    05/22/18  (9)
RSF why are you scared of me?    05/22/18  (19)
Life feels like a stressful video game on weed. don't get how people like it.    05/22/18  (2)
people overcomplicate career advice: find something you're passionate about    05/22/18  (48)
Rate the prescience of this screed re: the Obama, Lynch, Comey conspiracy    05/22/18  (6)
Meghan Markle taking questions, worship, praise, adulation from commoners ITT    05/22/18  (5)
if you're not using a $30 'pay as you go' Trac-Phone for business, your insane    05/22/18  (2)
Zdravstvuyte xo    05/22/18  (61)
just heard the apotheosis of gay, shitty millennial music: 'American Authors'    05/22/18  (3)
GEICO just quoted me $30.15 per month for CAR INSURANCE    05/22/18  (22)
At age 36, can Princess Markle even bear children?    05/22/18  (63)
Meghan Markle Is in Full Duchess Mode Just 3 Days After the Royal Wedding    05/22/18  (9)
Is Watchmen an actual homosexual? (link)    05/22/18  (4)
The only thing that would save this shitty forum is banning politics    05/22/18  (10)
It's crazy how much ad money is diverted for political agenda    05/22/18  (1)
Corporations should pay a 0% income tax    05/22/18  (93)
Do kids even have inline skates anymore?    05/22/18  (1)
I want a soft spoken English bf who constantly seems on the verge of suicide    05/22/18  (2)
you laughed but then grad certs became a thing    05/22/18  (1)
so 'Prince Harry' is basically a 'wigger'?    05/22/18  (1)
MIND BLOWN. Twinkle Twinkle and Alphabet Song are the same damn song    05/22/18  (14)
Introvert here, hiding out in bathroom to escape open office, taking ?s    05/22/18  (26)
watchmen is like that incompetent SJW employee rach knows he can't fire    05/22/18  (1)
SCOTUS decision on arbitration was 180; class actions should just be banned    05/22/18  (34)
i have a single line on my face, from sleeping w/ my face smashed against pillow    05/22/18  (1)
CNNs Chris Cillizza asks the imporant question re Trump spy (link)    05/22/18  (22)
*biglawyer ignoring status update demands as he poasts anti-kike screeds on xo*    05/22/18  (1)
Get retin-A? My skin looks like im 40    05/22/18  (9)
Remember when libs thought Wendy Davis was going to be governor of Texas?    05/22/18  (2)
How old is BS now? 30? 35? Older?    05/22/18  (87)
Never forget Auschwitz's roller coaster of death    05/22/18  (64)
none of us will maek it    05/22/18  (9)
African art: big-dick wood dolls / Asian art: copy-paste watercolors / Euro art:    05/22/18  (5)
Freedom is indivisible- when one Palestinian heart beats, all are Holocaust -JFK    05/22/18  (3)
Is it wrong to jerk off to the girl you fucked in 8th grade    05/22/18  (4)
Id be open to universal health care and higher taxes if libs werent so insane    05/22/18  (38)
would someone who only gay bottomed be considered an incel    05/22/18  (3)
There is no reason why 90 percent of white collar jobs cant be 100 percent WFH    05/22/18  (136)
Uber Scheduled Rides Is A Bait & Switch Scam. Just Disputed Charges    05/22/18  (39)
every quit job by not showing up, 'ghosting' them?    05/22/18  (10)
wife went to a naked spa this weekend with two of her hot friends.    05/22/18  (33)
Could you just jump from Firm to Firm for 4-6 years then go in hous?    05/22/18  (22)
conservahero parkland student is #1 in his class. libs FURIOUS    05/22/18  (58)
Dr. Rafael Nadal has not been outside the top 10 since April 24, 2005 #tennis    05/22/18  (4)
Clear and transparent the new B O O M is here !    05/22/18  (3)
hypo: you walk into your backyard and you see this    05/22/18  (3)
"Banking deregulation" is Trump's current priority? I WANT A FUCKING WALL!!!    05/22/18  (1)
hypo: all of the girls you liked in high school are shown XO, told you poast    05/22/18  (4)
Do you die if you get close to the speed of light?    05/22/18  (1)
cot damn hate that cocky twink steph curry    05/22/18  (1)
Amazon just cut off DBG's account    05/22/18  (25)
There was a section of Auschwitz called Canada    05/22/18  (1)
Real Talk: Obama allowed this to happen. Comey and Lynch should have been fired    05/22/18  (47)
the one time I drank on ambien I woke up in the er. My last memory was    05/22/18  (3)
Scientific Anti-Seismetism    05/22/18  (1)
cat looks very comfortable on my bed - CR to sleep downstairs?    05/22/18  (6)
Megan Merkle selling Palace furniture on eBay, sending money home to family    05/22/18  (3)
fuck out of ambien; what to cop?    05/22/18  (8)
the replacements - bastards of young.mp3    05/22/18  (2)
"LOL at Pence, that sex freak, for not being alone w/ women!" "Ooo, cute burka!    05/22/18  (3)
I love watching twinks having a wide open lane to drive to the basket    05/22/18  (1)
xo jack bauer    05/22/18  (2)
Holy Shit! In Italy, they don't have Pizza Poppers! WTF?!    05/22/18  (23)
do you create teh fulcrum?    05/22/18  (14)
Best way to lose weight on keto is actually killing yourself    05/22/18  (1)
need to lose 25 lbs in the next 3 months, best diet strategy?    05/22/18  (1)
Weird KETO hack: skip lunch but eat 10 jolly ranchers for quick energy.    05/22/18  (7)
Went back on keto; urge to killself falling    05/22/18  (40)
Happy Birthday Israel. God does not forsake His people and He keeps His promises    05/22/18  (1)
Big Diaper    05/22/18  (1)
Fucking hilarious that Obama is pressuring rappers NOT to meet w/Trump    05/22/18  (6)
FATAL FLAW in Karate Kid III: Defending Champ advanced to finals of All-Valley    05/22/18  (1)
Consuela is so fucking low IQ.    05/22/18  (16)
I shoot a gallon of olive oil right into my butt each day so it's bigger    05/22/18  (1)
XO Trevor Bauer writes BD 911 (Bush did 9/11) on pitcher's mound    05/22/18  (1)
"Karate's Bad Boy" Mike Barnes    05/22/18  (5)
latest post from hottest indian chick on the planet    05/22/18  (44)
Anyone turn gay from watching the gay scenes in Shameless?    05/22/18  (8)
Meghan Markle to Henry: Where Pizza Express At?    05/22/18  (25)
Why was Daniel San so shook over Mike Barnes?    05/22/18  (5)
Lol is Klay Thompson on drugs or something?    05/22/18  (1)
charlesxii taking 2 benadryl and a diet coke, starts going all "angry gay" on u    05/22/18  (1)
Dropped 10 lbs in 15 days.    05/22/18  (23)
xo 2018: Leave DeVry alone; Swarthmore is the real scam    05/22/18  (23)
WTF. Steve Stone posed in PLAYGIRL. (pic)    05/22/18  (1)
Could an Asian man ever make eye contact with Meghan Markle?    05/22/18  (1)
Search: Jordan Peterson; Filter: upload date today    05/22/18  (1)
bruce springsteen - born in the usa.mp3    05/22/18  (2)
trading derivative sexual instruments    05/22/18  (10)
Complete this sequence: Boy, Man, God, ______    05/22/18  (13)
RSF's brother died 13 years 11 days ago    05/22/18  (3)
u: "my plan for retirement is suic-" boomer: "HEY! that's my plan for u too!"    05/22/18  (1)
Where is everybody SA'ing this summer?    05/22/18  (17)
the only mistake hitler maed was killing only 60k jews    05/22/18  (2)
it is interesting that trump appears to really value female advisers    05/22/18  (8)
caterpillars make a little house then turn into butterflies.    05/22/18  (1)
Rate this pre-teens nudes    05/22/18  (3)
For anyone who doesn't believe the NBA is rigged, watch this foul call (vid)    05/22/18  (15)
Siri, call Man o war NIGGER and bump every freddie "hehe" please    05/22/18  (15)
There's another RSF v Peterman feud brewing LJL    05/22/18  (38)
"Tell me about The company culture" *pours Coffee in diaper*    05/22/18  (61)
1980s-Born are a Lost Generation, but 1950s-Born BOOMED the FUCK OUT    05/22/18  (1)
Mr Wonderful tosses Ambition cards: There's nothing proprietary about this!    05/22/18  (5)
Which story are libs going with: Trump was spied on to protect him? Or Trump was    05/22/18  (2)

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