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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
If Trump weren't controlled by Russia he would've stepped down already    07/20/18  (25)
Boomer University Admins rediscover the magic of SHARECROPPING graduates    07/20/18  (27)
Cohen recorded Trump    07/20/18  (54)
Trump-Cohen recording contains 19-minute discussion of "grey aliens"    07/20/18  (4)
I love CRYPTO and would give EVERYTHING for one last MOON (DTP)    07/20/18  (4)
Trump-Cohen recording contains 19-minute discussion of "gay aliens"    07/20/18  (4)
EPAH can you do some periodic WOC poasting or are you 100% anit-Trump    07/20/18  (9)
Will be in montreal this wkd. What do i do?    07/20/18  (7)
farting into chair to appease feminine "facetime"    07/20/18  (1)
*CB radio crackles*: "Calling all RigPIgs, RED WYRM stop 32, repeat RED WYRM"    07/20/18  (48)
Good morning! How is everyone?    07/20/18  (7)
why didn't those people on the duck boat just swim to shore?    07/20/18  (6)
Reminder: 13th century Russian serfs had 6 months of vacation per year    07/20/18  (5)
Quit law to drive Duckboat in the Ozarks CR?    07/20/18  (3)
*nutella polishing off a bottle of cabernet so baby will take the breast*    07/20/18  (12)
u, ripping up son's invitation to mcdonalds birthday party because its prole    07/20/18  (1)
You will 100% kill yourself when Bitcoin Private/ZCL hits $3000    07/20/18  (30)
Prole Tell: You've Heard Of Duck Boats Before Today    07/20/18  (9)
Doobs instagramming cross country road trip in filthy JBHunt cab, bound&gagged    07/20/18  (3)
Are duck boats prole?    07/20/18  (3)
Should I see this escort tomorrow?    07/20/18  (28)
Ethics Q: Taking Free Breakfast At Hotel If Checking In Early In Morning    07/20/18  (23)
Need to shit but holding it to go home bc facetime    07/20/18  (1)
Trump is 100% correct on almond "milk" fraud    07/20/18  (58)
I am very into chubby girls that have this body type    07/20/18  (26)
ETH about to tank hard :(    07/20/18  (12)
lol @ "life". 1 minute u are on duck boat in Missouri on top of the world    07/20/18  (11)
if you fuckers aren't watching AMC's THE TERROR do it ASAP    07/20/18  (27)
Obama: "If you're in a duck boat, you-you didn't bill that"    07/20/18  (3)
"US" media was partying it up Nov 8 morning-- not so fun 11pm tho    07/20/18  (4)
Poll: do aquatic mammals have scales?    07/20/18  (3)
Got job interview with real estate broker set up. What to expect?    07/20/18  (8)
shrewdom vindicated    07/20/18  (6)
Got bonus number today. Pretty happy. Cant share irl so just gotta post on xo.    07/20/18  (70)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal goes on vacation, forgets beard #tennis    07/20/18  (9)
Trump and Trumptards are completely 100% fucked    07/20/18  (38)
Lawyers MAF that they don't work at Amazon    07/20/18  (55)
spaceporn: i'm one of the ten smartest poasters on xo (link)    07/20/18  (12)
Libfriend named his dog "Ferris Mueller."    07/20/18  (8)
Loneliness is what drives a lot of creeps    07/20/18  (1)
Just left a harsh voicemail with the National Duck Boat Association    07/20/18  (2)
Obama: "There's only so big a house you can have."    07/20/18  (61)
Kavanaugh Cancelling His Annual August Duck Boat Ride    07/20/18  (1)
PC Gamers: is this a good entry level gaming pc?    07/20/18  (23)
Should I sell my AMZN or hold until it inevitably hits trillion market cap    07/20/18  (2)
Good chance putin has been paying these trumptards trolls with "crypto"    07/20/18  (4)
RATE this smoking hot brunette from Miami    07/20/18  (12)
Are 72yo Cher's tits perkier than your wife's? (SFW see-through pic)    07/20/18  (4)
Obama: "You didn't build that."    07/20/18  (2)
periodic reminder: getting tfo of this shithold longterm is the only answer    07/20/18  (5)
doobs "Papa dialing" while getting railed by a red-faced RiGpIg    07/20/18  (4)
2035: Jim_Kelly's hapa dotter (Kelliot) repulsed by + rejecting Nutelliot Rodger    07/20/18  (15)
"I am goals driven and ready to win. And how are you?" nutella to M-I-L at weddi    07/20/18  (5)
just realized that nutella started drinking after finding out that it'd be a boy    07/20/18  (4)
What's XO's opinion on Napoleon Dynamite the movie    07/20/18  (38)
nutelliot rodger floating in umbilical booze like a martini olive    07/20/18  (10)
The Crazy Part is now I DO need the money! weeped Peterman to the RigPig    07/20/18  (2)
scholarship how's ur SA going    07/20/18  (1)
Your Future Wife still receiving royalties from her scene in "GHETTO GAPERS 4"    07/20/18  (3)
Woah Cr friend!    07/20/18  (2)
So nutella is some fat girl who drinks while she's pregnant? Good job xo    07/20/18  (17)
FLW alts swarming over lawman8's gaper like ants on a corpse    07/20/18  (10)
why is paper currency kept in the freezer    07/20/18  (2)
periodic reminder: getting tfo of this shithold longterm is the only answer    07/20/18  (1)
"animeboi" getting swastika tattooed on his ass, centered on his gaper    07/20/18  (2)
NFL BENDS THE FUCKING KNEE and retracts their anthem-rule    07/20/18  (5)
New GC scam: giving vacation time to expectant mother co-workers.    07/20/18  (4)
spaceporn's kid and Nutelliot Rodgers shooting up school together    07/20/18  (30)
Rather fuck father or dotter (pic)    07/20/18  (6)
Truckers playing cornhole using a full size Ikea bean bag and peterman's gaper    07/20/18  (13)
Rating poasters as figures in the UFO community and UFO history    07/20/18  (22)
We should all be working a four-day workweek    07/20/18  (47)
My thoughts on Trump & Russia: where there's smoke, there's fire.    07/20/18  (8)
You should limit yourself to one Major Hobby and one Minor Hobby    07/20/18  (3)
8 people killed in a DUCK BOAT wreck in Missouri:    07/20/18  (23)
The Jewish Question, 345 Yale L. J 214    07/20/18  (7)
Just got tickets for Pigeons Playing Ping Pong    07/20/18  (1)
Just settled a WC case for $180K. 180, guys! Get it!?    07/20/18  (5)
Charles what are your current thoughts on Deep State vs Trump?    07/20/18  (9)
ITT: Happy Nekkid Girls    07/20/18  (4)
Libs put Obama on the new diet Pepsi bottle jfc    07/20/18  (1)
X-files episode "little green men"    07/20/18  (4)
Top 3 selling NFL jerseys: all Trumpmos    07/20/18  (30)
*peterman staring at doobs, eyes watering* "I just can't keep living like this!"    07/20/18  (5)
*types "middle aged Asian peasant blowjob" into Google*    07/20/18  (4)
Meanwhile at Chick-Fil-A ... (trigger warning for Libs)    07/20/18  (15)
Just hit 60 days of being SOLO. Taking Q's.    07/20/18  (30)
Thai cave boys in hospital only repeating "Doobs, rhymes w/ boobs..."    07/20/18  (2)
spent the last hour reading reviews for Ludacris' restaurant Chicken + Beer    07/20/18  (3)
Beaker the Muppet is Morning Joe.    07/20/18  (3)
"That's a very fine juice box that you're not drinking" (nutelliot on play date!    07/20/18  (7)
Some kind of monster. The monster lives!    07/20/18  (2)
Most embarrassing thing you've used to floss/pick your teeth?    07/20/18  (3)
BUTT of THUNDER    07/20/18  (2)
Rather fuck mom or daughter (PIC)    07/20/18  (41)
Microwaving own head until it explodes like James Incandenza in Infinite Jest    07/20/18  (1)
unpop opinion: trump is accelerating the fuck out of are culture war loss    07/20/18  (94)
a gram of DMT freebase just arrived in the mail    07/20/18  (23)
Should "intersex" Castor Semenya be allowed to compete against genetic women?    07/20/18  (7)
Judge Jeannie kicked off The View. Whoopi cusses her out    07/20/18  (50)
Rate this video of a typical Trumpmo female    07/20/18  (7)
lib insanity got Trump 300+ EVs, and since then libs have gotten MORE insane?    07/20/18  (5)
Rick Astley feat. nutella- Never Gonna Give You Head.mp3    07/20/18  (16)
The Next Time A Conservative Asks If "Facts Are Racist" Say Yes (NYT editorial)    07/20/18  (1)
Just oops-Seig Heil'd at work    07/20/18  (1)
CharlesXII and other Militarymos: Worst US defeat in a battle? (any war)    07/20/18  (44)
U Cal football to make kneeling during anthem mandatory (link)    07/20/18  (2)
'hobbies' are peak gc grift/flame gaslighting you into a wagecuck mindset    07/20/18  (47)
"he looks like a mongoloid because he's hapa" nutella lied unconvincingly    07/20/18  (6)
Just thinking, there's prob a lot of Americans who've never seen an ocean    07/20/18  (44)
Striver stress made nutella behave like dysgenic prole    07/20/18  (4)
Nutella's poisoning her unborn by drinking pregnant is her self-loathing at work    07/20/18  (3)
just loled picturing some sweaty smelly paki running the "Watchmen" schtick    07/20/18  (10)
*Nutella showing up to ultrasound drunk*    07/20/18  (8)
Nutella'a DH, clad in tuxedo, sipping amniotic fluid in champagne flute    07/20/18  (6)
Boozy brunching bugshitter Nutella lecturing people on parenting. LMAO.    07/20/18  (4)
nutella have some shame and stop passive aggressively hitting on earl    07/20/18  (5)
daily reminder: people are fucking garbage    07/20/18  (1)
Nutella's husband shaking her: "YOU LEFT THE OVEN ON, YOU DRUNK BITCH"    07/20/18  (5)
Sloppy drunk third trimester chink cow Nutella drooling on husband's 9 incher    07/20/18  (5)
nutella and her husband are drunks    07/20/18  (100)
I'm SHOCKED that boozy brunch Nutella had miscarriages before Nutelliot Rodger    07/20/18  (5)
were boner police / uspo even alive when good burger came out?    07/20/18  (5)
unreal how biased and in the tank for deep state "our" "US" "media" is    07/20/18  (3)
Hannity is just completely awful    07/20/18  (48)
Nutella has a laugh out loud retarded try hard white chink name IRL    07/20/18  (77)
California Democrats burn U.S. flag in support of Rep. Maxine Waters (link)    07/20/18  (18)
Imagine young Nutella coming home after sucking her first white penis    07/20/18  (11)
Weird Office Behavior: Black Male aggressively tries to take down new black male    07/20/18  (1)
Best thing you can do as a GOP congressman this cycle is stay out of the news    07/20/18  (4)
Trump goes galaxy brain and laments low food prices.    07/20/18  (2)
Congressman Hank Johnson fears Guam will tip over.    07/20/18  (3)
describe your getting out of bed routine    07/20/18  (107)
What pisses you off more: being tailgated or getting cut off on the road    07/20/18  (15)
STUDY: Whiter states volunteer more    07/20/18  (1)
Trailerpark bro sitting in filth after smoking meth, poasting, "SP is an idiot!"    07/20/18  (1)
What was the best manga you ever read?    07/20/18  (6)
Console Bros, rank PS4, Switch and XBOX    07/20/18  (12)
lots of Trump voters who were maybe on the fence about Trump-Russia allegations    07/20/18  (14)
TTT Grad Mike Cernovich: "You need a 130 IQ to truly understand me."    07/20/18  (19)
but are you really INVESTED in this COMPANY? you need to BE Here at 8am! Leave    07/20/18  (1)
Nutella jerking her nullo into a beaker, weighing the load size    07/20/18  (2)
best beaker to cook meth? (harrison)    07/20/18  (12)
damn daddy fucking me so hard, so deep, I scream out noises like Beaker "meeee!"    07/20/18  (2)
Mr. President, plz abolish judicial review    07/20/18  (1)
Not being racist but black american woman are the most violent in the world by f    07/20/18  (1)
jfc I'm off of the trump train    07/20/18  (11)
Antifa tries to attack speaker, gets tackled (video)    07/20/18  (14)
The NYT has a dedicated gender section.    07/20/18  (1)

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