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STICKY: New account requests   07/21/18  (216)
Iraq war vets protesting title of new Cypress Hill album "Roadside Bong" (link)    08/16/18  (2)
Trump: "There are huge faggots on both sides, ok? BOTH SIDES."    08/16/18  (2)
Chinese migrants in Africa    08/16/18  (7)
High IQ tell: fan of bloodacre's posting    08/16/18  (8)
i'm in disbelief over how retarded the responses to my other thread were    08/16/18  (5)
Assfaggot smiling for camera with giant check made out for sex with men    08/16/18  (26)
Luis wearing a bluetooth at investment seminar: "i have sex w men for money    08/16/18  (37)
Dark Souls remake is gonna be called Souls of Color (yes there's really a link)    08/16/18  (3)
ARE WILLARD    08/16/18  (3)
who is *the* most credited 20th century philosopher?    08/16/18  (16)
Omarosa: "Mr. Trump, try reading these Jay-Z lyrics out loud"    08/16/18  (1)
"I'm here for the pizza party," said the depressed lawyer    08/16/18  (207)
DOW DOWN -600 WHY DIDNT WE LISTEN TO JULIA    08/16/18  (60)
Omarosa: "Mr. Trump, what's another word for creepy, scary? I'm doing a crosswor    08/16/18  (1)
Trump -on debate stage-leans into the microphone, raises finger: "ONLY OMAROSA!"    08/16/18  (2)
Omarosa: "Mr. Trump, what would be a cute nick name for a raccoon?"    08/16/18  (2)
#1 strategy Trump/GOP can pursue: pointedly asking whites: 'do you want to be a    08/16/18  (23)
So Henry Rollins is obviously gay, right?    08/16/18  (10)
New Battlefield V trailer (WWII)    08/16/18  (1)
37% of catch-and-release recipients simply abscond. Libs need to own that    08/16/18  (28)
this seems like a song luis would be into    08/16/18  (3)
"Big plans tonight? hehehaha"    08/16/18  (1)
Sascha Baron cohen tells trump supporters about their new glorious mosque    08/16/18  (20)
Notre Dame alternate uniform.    08/16/18  (24)
8 UMinn Golden Gopher football players suspended for chewing khat (link)    08/16/18  (3)
Who is your favorite President of the United States? Pic one from each party.    08/16/18  (47)
CNN: Sources familiar with Trump's thinking agree, he often thinks "NIGGER!"    08/16/18  (7)
How much would repealing celibacy help the Catholic rape problem?    08/16/18  (24)
quit my job to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana?    08/16/18  (13)
NYT: A recording of TRUMP tapping his desk with fingers spells NIGGER in Morse    08/16/18  (7)
I wrote a crossword mini for the great boart. Should only take you a minute. Enj    08/16/18  (16)
We need to discuss LOBSTERS vs ANTS more. It can become PRIME XOXO SCOLARSHIP    08/16/18  (7)
Due to glitch, Longhorn Network was off air for 36 hours and nobody noticed (lin    08/16/18  (2)
Florida mayor excoriates Latina commissioner for bleaching her anus (vid)    08/16/18  (13)
ATL: F250 names v20 SR associate as it's newest GC    08/16/18  (4)
Pencil necked geeks ruined MLB, saved NBA    08/16/18  (36)
What is the best "beer city" in the US? Denver?    08/16/18  (8)
More Strikeouts Than Hits? Welcome to Baseballs Latest Crisis (NYT)    08/16/18  (30)
Brian Kelly replaces ND leprechaun w/ guy from The Prodigy    08/16/18  (8)
watchmen, I'm going to put a bomb up your ass    08/16/18  (4)
Why do Catholics rape kids?    08/16/18  (31)
What's the easiest college football team to make fun of? Texas or Notre Dame?    08/16/18  (1)
Why do people always think I'm this "Doobs" person    08/16/18  (1)
Motherhood is a Tool of White Supremacy (Jezebel)    08/16/18  (32)
so annoying when people reply all "thank you". no need for that    08/16/18  (8)
Doobastank    08/16/18  (6)
Trump is going to lose.    08/16/18  (14)
THE N-TAPE IS OUT! President uses the N-word in shocking audio!    08/16/18  (8)
Rate the sideboob on this prom dress (pic)    08/16/18  (120)
40 yr old shrew thinks every man that doesn't hit on her is gay. LJL    08/16/18  (2)
Trump is going to be impeached in the first 100 days    08/16/18  (42)
Is this a real Linkedin Profile?    08/16/18  (2)
Is it gay to teabag a homeless nigger after a sweaty run in 110 degree temp?????    08/16/18  (9)
When is ETH going to bounce back??    08/16/18  (4)
predict it odds of manafort conviction just went from 80% to 59%    08/16/18  (9)
Mr. Trump appeared at Manafort trial as case went to jury, not flame    08/16/18  (5)
A nightmare of endless repetition, a senseless squandering of organic material    08/16/18  (2)
Xo 2010: Wow, Omarosa is a crazy bitch. Xo 2018: Wow, Omarosa is a crazy bitch.    08/16/18  (2)
Libs do u realize "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" is not an aspirational tale?    08/16/18  (1)
"Siri, reply all : 'Thank'"    08/16/18  (1)
In the Trump Administration, Motherhood Is a Tool of White Supremacy (nyt)    08/16/18  (2)
lol the government is going down in flames in the Manafort trial    08/16/18  (91)
Why does orthodox christianity produce such weak people?    08/16/18  (5)
Global capitalism abusing your decadence: $2,000 iPhone.    08/16/18  (8)
Frog and toad watch you through your bedroom window    08/16/18  (1)
Media unleashes coordinated editorial-board attack - Trump bends the knee (link)    08/16/18  (49)
Hillary Clinton: Aborting 60 million babies added $3.5 trillion to the economy    08/16/18  (47)
Remember the Cohen tape "bombshell" where Trump's lies GOT NAILED    08/16/18  (1)
Facebook sending the kill drones because you know what Rhodesia was    08/16/18  (4)
The star of this Asian power movie is half white....lol jfc    08/16/18  (5)
What would world population be in 2018 if abortion/contraceptive did not exist    08/16/18  (5)
new Omarosa recording about to drop    08/16/18  (3)
REUTERS: 6'2 white man in NY "smothered to death by Asian girl pancake asses"    08/16/18  (1)
OUTTED: Chandler and Chilmata spotted in Los Angeles    08/16/18  (5)
LA Times: we're not gonna attack Trump like other papers (twist)    08/16/18  (34)
Lmao at you MAF cumskins complaining about Crazy Rich Asian. Are you jealous?    08/16/18  (11)
Lib strategy for 2020 = mass attempt to out "secret" Trumpmos    08/16/18  (60)
Trump, upon hearing of the indictment: "Apres moi, les bix noods."    08/16/18  (1)
My bowel movements smell like cum. Why? (bloodacre)    08/16/18  (1)
Bearded Letterman blasting ur door with shotgun: DID U KNO I INTERVIEWED OBAMA??    08/16/18  (2)
How come some countries are just permanently wealthy?    08/16/18  (4)
This Duke women's soccer player sure does own a lot of different bikinis (link)    08/16/18  (26)
'Genteel Genodical Whites' on wholesale at IKEA    08/16/18  (2)
I'm the 2018 bhagwan But with dozens of shitcoins instead of rolls royces    08/16/18  (21)
How long until CNN plays up racial aspect of Aretha dying?    08/16/18  (2)
been spendin' most are lives livin' in a boomers paradise    08/16/18  (18)
Libs: we want anti-women, anti-homosexual religious nuts to worship near us!!    08/16/18  (2)
Sarah Jeong, Andrew Cuomo, Ocasio-Cortez onstage pissing on flag at DNC '20    08/16/18  (6)
Papers unite to oppose Trump's claim that papers are united against him    08/16/18  (1)
Dem slogan 2020: "America was never great"    08/16/18  (89)
How MAF are libs that Trump tweeted about Aretha Franklin?    08/16/18  (7)
Trump wont run; still needs to file FEC fin. disclosure within 2 weeks    08/16/18  (65)
ICE attorney makes one wrong move.    08/16/18  (1)
lateraling as a partner. how much should i ask    08/16/18  (46)
"Prodigy"    08/16/18  (3)
Grammar question - what is 'this' referring to?    08/16/18  (3)
The Taliban are on a roll, wiping out NATO-backed forces left and right    08/16/18  (65)
Zappa plays Zappa DVD    08/16/18  (2)
"sup mlvin" gurgles TSINAH's gf when he walks in on her w 5 cocks in her holes    08/16/18  (4)
'bad hombres' aren't the problem. overwhelming demographic change is the problem    08/16/18  (2)
Good deal terms for partner intake?    08/16/18  (1)
Motherless is a Tool of Male Supremacy (Jezebel)    08/16/18  (1)
Video of the soyboy stat geeks who ruined baseball    08/16/18  (5)
Trump coming for MS-13 - libs irate    08/16/18  (2)
Unpopular to admit, but mayonnaise is a delicious condiment    08/16/18  (3)
Dr Federer On Gay ATP Players: "I'm all for it; it's a good thing" #tennis    08/16/18  (3)
lol at Trumpmos picking Alex Jones as their hill to die on    08/16/18  (10)
I heard the Chinese undercount population on censuses and there's 2B Chinese    08/16/18  (1)
Remember when Gore called Bush back to UNconcede?    08/16/18  (14)
Still LOLLING over how Trump turned the term "fake news" against the MSM    08/16/18  (1)
US Open WCs: BSC Stan, Jim_Kelly Bait Claire Liu, Anisimova #tennis    08/16/18  (4)
REMINDER: catholic priests dont molest anymore than non-catholic preachers    08/16/18  (28)
BUMP DAILY: Has Nancy Leong reported her attempted kidnapping to police?    08/16/18  (137)
Trump    08/16/18  (1)
*11 year old hapa boy sitting alone at lunch, staring at mayonnaise sandwich*    08/16/18  (2)
Real tragedy: none of the Pennsylvania priests are even cute    08/16/18  (5)
538 odds Dems pick up the House about the same as Hillary winning:    08/16/18  (3)
ugh. azn gf asking why i snickered at duck sauce in the ethnic food aisle    08/16/18  (4)
Just took a pumo to a mediation... (CSLG)    08/16/18  (77)
Are "journalists" starting to understand they're reviled by 80% of population?    08/16/18  (3)
Why are women so into rough sex?    08/16/18  (135)
Lawman8 has your attitude about Jews evolved at all?    08/16/18  (10)
Elon Musk is getting strange looking.    08/16/18  (5)
HERE COME THE IRISH! *clap, clap, clap clap clap* HERE COME THE IRISH!    08/16/18  (8)
Wait, so POTUS can NOT criticize the press now?    08/16/18  (6)
summon nirvanayoda    08/16/18  (1)
YOU'RE OLD: Millennials will start needing reading glasses soon.    08/16/18  (4)
London Mayor Sadiq Khan's idea to solve terrorism: BAN ALL CARS!    08/16/18  (2)
V20 callback interviewer taking questions    08/16/18  (50)
Trump: "Russia won't help us in 2020 if Republicans in congress keep sanctioning    08/16/18  (1)
Hot yazidi rape victim reuinted with her rapist in Germany    08/16/18  (9)
'Crazy Impulsive Blacks' ruffling some feathers in hollywood    08/16/18  (2)
Crazy Asians    08/16/18  (1)
Crazy Rich Socialists    08/16/18  (1)
Advanced stats guys have WWE wrestlers doing way more drop kicks,fewer bodyslam    08/16/18  (1)
The obituary section is a great way to see the decline of America    08/16/18  (4)
Woman says her job application was denied because her name is too 'ghetto'    08/16/18  (6)
'Crazy Rich Jews' premiering in Weimar Germany cineplexes    08/16/18  (14)
lol at congressional Trumpmos impotently moving to impeach Rod Rosenstein    08/16/18  (1)
Days are getting shorter, hint of fall in the air, no better time to    08/16/18  (7)
Sarah Jeong and Ocasio-Cortez, two dimwitted UMC 'socialists' w/ worms in heads    08/16/18  (1)
chloe sevigny peaked in The Last Days of Disco    08/16/18  (3)
why are women always examining their toes?    08/16/18  (2)
"Crazy Rich Asians" reminds me of the time they tried an Azn Jersey Shore    08/16/18  (1)
German woman takes expired probiotics, excretes portion of her large intestine    08/16/18  (1)
The Count of Monte Cristo but with looksmaxing and cuckoldry    08/16/18  (6)

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